5 in 1 Kitchen Grater

5 in 1 Kitchen Grater
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5 In 1 Grater comes with 4 blades and 1 vegetable peeler,with transparent vegetable storage box.


  1. 4 Blades provides desired thickness of the sliced vegetables:
  2. Grating,Shredding,Garlishing,Slicing and Peeling all in this 5 in 1 Grater;
  3. This Multi Grater can be used as a Cheese Grater,Vegetable Grater, Ginger Grater,Fuit Grater,Vegatable Mandoline ;
  4. The handle is easy detachable for storage;
  5.  The grater stands 10" tall without the handle.
  6. The storage box of the Multi Gratre  is transparent color, view the vegetable inside easy and clear.

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